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Fennel plant is a small herb which grows throughout the year. The Indian variety is most tasty and juicy than any other variety. The juice gives a soothing effect to the throat. The fennel seeds are very popularly used as mouth freshener, and when fennel is chewed, the juice along with saliva gives a very soothing effect to throat. Besides healing the soar throat, it has digestive and temporary relief in breathing problems of asthmatic patients. Also it is put in tooth paste for a fresh breathe not just the seeds, its leaves can be boiled for relieving cough and cold. Like other spices, it is also used in medical field for various purposes, and is cooked in many forms, it is cooked, marinated or roasted. We happily offer fennel seeds that are cleaned and are carefully packed to restore aroma.

We proudly announce ourselves as most favorable and prominent Fennel Seeds Exporters and suppliers in India selling wide range of seeds having wonderful medicinal benefits and health benefits too.

Clients can avail our products at most suitable prices without making any compromise on quality standards. Besides, we are putting continuous efforts to make our fennel seeds India better as per customer feedback.

Scientific name: Foeniculum vulgare

New Crop: January – February

Fennel varieties (Types):
• Singapore Quality HPS: 1 to 2 % Admixture (Cleaned by Machine without dust & stone)
• Europe Quality HPS:1 to 2 % Admixture (Big seeds, Cleaned by Machine without dust & stone)
• USA Quality DHPS: 1 % Admixture (Supreme Quality Big seeds, Cleaned by Machine without dust & stone)

Purity: 98% / 99% / 99.5%
Moisture: 10% max
Total Ash: 10% max
Acid insoluble Ash: 1.25% Max
Salmonella: Absent/25 gms

New Multi Wall Paper Bag 50lb/22.68kg/24kg
P.P. Bag 52.12lb/25kg or 110.23lb/50kg
Jute Bag 110.23lb/50kg

20’ft Container 13-14 Metric Tons
40’ft container 25-26 Metric Tons

• Fennel seeds in India are popular during cooking and can be used for garnishing salads too.
• Further it is used along with soups, sauces, puddings etc. and generally available with popular seeds exporters around.
• When fennel seeds are dried, they can be used to make medicines to make you healthy and fit. Fennel seed nutrition facts can help for treating Gas and chronic coughs.
Fennel seeds are preferred when you have any digestion problem and can be used for treating stomach related problems.
• Fennel seeds and Caraway seeds have main benefits is that It improves vision and considered as an antidote for poison. To know more on fennel seeds exporters in India and their custom range, kindly contact us right away.
• They are used for cooking food or can also be used for garnishing salad.
• It is used generally inside soups, sauces, puddings etc.
• Dry and crush it properly to use along with medicines
• It can be used for treating stomach pain and allergies