Corporate Social Responsblity

As a Enterprise PREM International has a long and cherished tradition of commendable initiatives, institutionalized programs and practices of Corporate Social Responsibility which have played a laudable role in the development of several underdeveloped regions of the states. The vision of sustainable growth drives both business decisions as well as our Corporate Social Responsibility works. Our CSR activities are essentially guided by project based approach in line with the guidelines issued by the Department of Public Enterprises and Ministry of Corporate Affairs of the Government of India. The CSR initiatives of PREM International were marked by unrelenting commitment to several large – scale key projects as well as initiation of several new projects identified under the few focus areas of PREM International.

Education including vocational courses,
Health Care,
Entrepreneurship (self-help & livelihood generation) schemes,
Infrastructure support near enterprise operational areas,
Environment protection, ecological conservation, promotion,
Promotion of artisans, craftsman, musicians, artists etc. for preservation of Heritage, Art & Culture,
Women’s Empowerment, Girl Child Development, Gender sensitive projects,
Water Management including ground water recharge,
Initiatives for Physically and Mentally challenged,
Sponsorship of seminars, conferences, workshops etc.
Promoting Sports/sports persons, supporting agencies promoting sports / sports persons.